Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Star Wars Blu-Ray changes

I almost didn't comment on this. In fact, I'm still trying to work up the pique that these changes so rightly deserve. And had it not been for the last one I read about earlier today, I wouldn't have even managed enough to bring up the ... well, whatever...for this post. All that I'll touch  on later, but for now, there's one specific instance of change that really... irks me.

Likewise, this is one of the few changes which LucasFilms has actually confirmed as a change.

Specifcally, the fact that now, as Vader is tossing the Emperor down that shaft in RotJ he's going to be letting out a RotS "Noooo!"

Now, the original version of this had Vader being a silent, almost mystical sacrifice of his own self. It was the ultimate climax of the film--the point where you knew, knew without any shadow of a doubt, that the Star Warriors would prevail.. You didn't know what Vader was thinking, and in fact, you were focused on the Emperor as he prepared to kill Luke.

Now? Now, he's as pathetic and simpering as he was at the end of RotS.

I'm personally, amused with Simon Pegg's take on it, in which he describes it as "Another shitty, clueless, revision like Greedo and young Anakin's ghost."

Despite all of that, despite all the issues and miscellaneous angst involved in these changes, I'm left utterly unconcerned. I've been so... blasted by the sheer inanity of Star Wars over the past decade that I'm finding myself... less than moved by these changes. 

Everything from the Death of Anakin Solo, to the death of Padme, all the way to the farce which is Anakin Skywalker's padawan. Worse, is the death throes which the Star Wars EU has been flinging about itself since the mid-point of the New Jedi Order.

Frankly, I'm left with the feeling that Star Wars died at that point--at least its heart and soul--and all that remains is the twitching of the various extremities of its bloated body, akin to a chicken with its head cut off.

With the lack of what one would consider a traditional Star Wars hero, I've grown to feel that Star Wars is just not the same. I find myself going through the motions of reading, just to appease the completist nature of my Otaku-ness rather than actually being concerned about the characters in question.

In fact, the most excited I've been about Star Wars was the thought that flickered across Twitter earlier today that  "The insane Jedi in FotJ are right, everyone's an imposter, and the EU is about to get Dallas'd."

Which is ultimately a sad state of affairs, for a Geek like me.

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